Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jom join contest!

Actually i was tagged by dieya to join this contest..Well, it's good also to me..

To join, please click picture above..

Why i join this contest?

1)It such the simplest contest to win (not sure whether it's easy or not for blogger to decide the winner..hehe)

2)My 1st time joining this blog contest..who knows it would be my luck!

3)Just to find friends only..and of course to win the prize!

Ok..i'm tagging these two bloggers to join..


  1. contest untuk blogger ek?? nak join tapi blog masih setahun jagung..kompem tak menang..hehe

  2. aah akak pun setahun jagung gak..masuk jer..suka2 jer.hehe

  3. yeah dah buat! thanks coz layan i main tag2 ni :-D

  4. ye la, my blog lg la x sampai pun setahun jagung, hehe.. thanx ku! i think i'll join! just for fun!



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