Friday, May 28, 2010

i like YOUTUBE!!!

It's great to have internet at home..that's why i can't live without internet at home..hehe
From internet, anything i can download for my kid's learning..
Seriously, i don't have to buy VCD or DVD or anything else for kid's learning..
But of course we have to buy book also..
In youtube, all nursery rhymes are there...terlampau banyak sangat..u just download..very easy..but sometime, it may takes time..but of course it will not cost need to buy a few VCD song for your kids...thats the way i like it..aha aha..

Then, bukan belajar nyanyi je, but belajar ABC, counting 123, JAWI are also there....belajar Alif Ba Ta..doa harian...islamic teaching include Islamic manner...serius aku suka bangat...dari situ, Hannan boleh belajar banyak sangat..belajar Bahasa Arab, English..semuanya ada..sebab most of the learning kids comes with song...dari situ, banyak budak boleh menghafal segala apa yg dipelajari...right now, Hannan shows her interest on those video yg my hubby tolong download kan...

And of course la yg paling anak i minat, UPIN & IPIN nya tu...hari2 suruh aku bukak laptop nak tengok upin ipin..semuanya tu aku dapatkan dari youtube jugak...

So people out there, kalau nak lagi senang, download jer from youtube..why u wanna waste your money buying all those things..tambah2 from original...but lainla kalau memang kaya tu kan...

But of course we have to buy book also for kids...aku sekarang ni x berminat nak beli mainan utk Hannan...seriously membazir coz i know Hannan seems like not interested into those kind of mainan...once i bought for her, she will just use it once only..then just throw away sampai rosak...membazir kan...beli items for learning is good than mainan...but blocks also good for kids!!!

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